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titanium-barWe manufacture and supply the widest range of titanium bar and rod products. Ti CP bars Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and all major Titanium Alloys including 6AL4V, 6AL4V Eli, 6/6/2. Ti bar diameter size range between 8 – 400mm and we supply in either round bar, square bar, rectangular bar or hexagonal bar shapes. Our production is aligned to ASTM B348 and other comparable international standards.

We have supplied titanium rods for use in several industries with our core markets being in aerospace, chemical processing and the medical industry. Due to our large volume production we also maintain a large stock and are able to fulfill orders to shortened lead times and our titanium bar.

We have invested heavily in our production process and equipment for our titanium bars. Our commitment to building a reputation as a trusted and reliable supplier focuses our work on being able to manufacture both bespoke and standard sized ti bar in large volumes with quick turn around times. All of our round ti bar, hexagonal ti bar and square ti bar are available in a variety of different surface finishes including pickling, black painted and sand blasted.

After 20 years as a titanium bar supplier we have manufactured ti bar and titanium bar for sale to a variety of shapes and sizes however we follow international standard to ensure consistency in production. A selection of the typical composition and material properties are detailed below.

Titanium Bar Production Capability

  • Ti Production Standard: ASTM B348, ASME SB348
  • Ti Grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 9, Grade 12
  • Ti Bar Dimensions: Diameter 8 – 400 mm
  • Ti Bar Shape: Ti Square Bar, Ti Round Bar, Ti Hexagonal Bar
  • Ti Bar Surface Finish: Black, Pickling, Sand-blasting
  • Monthly Output: 2000 tonnes
  • Rating: 4.8 / 5 based on 24 customer reviews


Our titanium bars have been used extensively in medical and chemical industries, providing requisite strengh to weight properties need to ensure extreme conditions and heavy usage without corrosion or failure. We have also recently provided titanium rods for some really exciting tech products for the consumer market.

Chemical Composition

The table below displays the composition of materials found with the differing grades of titanium. Each grade as a result has a differing set of properties which accommodate the differing industry requirements.

Tolerances in size for Titanium Bars

The table below details the differing diameter tolerances for the differing lengths of titanium bar. These are aligned to internationally recognised engineering standards. The differing production methods define the range of diameters for each approach. All titanium rod dimenions and tolerances are agreed ahead of order.

Titanium Bar Diameter Tolerances Per Length
Diameter (mm)
>15~20 >20~35 >35~50 >50~80 >80~125 >125~150 >150~200
Hot forged bar tolerances (mm) ±1.5 ±2.0 ±2.5 ±3.0 ±3.5 ±5.0 ±6.5
Hot extruded bar tolerances (mm) +0.8,-1.0 ±2.0 ±2.5 ±2.5      
Hot rolled bar tolerances (mm) +0.7, -0.5 +1.2, -0.5 +1.5, -1.0 +2.0, -1.0 +2.2, -1.2 - -

Tensile Requirements

The table below details the individual tensile properties for each grade of titanium. With all our products independent inspection and testing is carried out to ensure quality and provide assurances throughout.

Titanium Grade Tensile Requirements
Grade Tensile strength (min) Yield strength (min) Elongation (%)
ksi MPa ksi MPa
Grade 1 35 240 20 138 24
Grade 2 50 345 40 275 20
Grade 3 65 450 55 380 18
Grade 4 80 550 70 483 15
Grade 5 130 895 120 828 10
Grade 7 50 345 40 275 20
Grade 9 90 620 70 438 15
Grade 12 70 438 50 345 18

Titanium Bar and Rod Machinery



Titanium Bar and Rod Stock




Titanium Bar and Rod Testing Equipment



Why North Steel?

  • Titanium bars are one of our most popular products, round bars, square bars, rectangular bars and hexagonal bar shapes with rolled or forged  processing technology. We are experts in the field and are recognised as a trusted titanium bar supplier.
  • Efficiency and Quality. We constantly strive to improve our titanium production capability and align continuous improvement to the CMM model and recognise the importance that high quality and and efficient supply chain is to your customers.
  • Our technical Quality Assurances department enforce strict quality control system to ensure consistency and quality throughout.

Titanium Bar showcase

Quality Assurance in our Titanium Production

Our stringent Quality Assurance process is our competitive advantage and is at the heart of everything we do at Norst. Highlights of our QA process are:

  • We have our own service management QC system to control quality from raw material sponge to mill product and every process step in the production of titanium.
  • We provide “Product Quality Certificate” and inspection reports with every order.
  • We maintain a controlled stock inventory to enable us to fullfil orders in short time periods.
  • We have an english speaking work environment and have exported products for many years, this ensures there is no misunderstand or requirements or manufacturing approaches.

Titanium Bar Production Process

The graphic below gives an overview to the main processing steps for the production of titanium bar. We manage the full production process. From sourcing the titanium sponge through to the forging of ingots, down to the hot rolling of the ti bars. Its important for us to manage the process from start to finish to ensure consistency in material and also ensure our high engineering standards and fast production.

Titanium Processing


Other titanium products we produce 


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ISO 9001:2008

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Why North Steel ?

North Steel manufactures titanium products direct from titanium sponge and we are located at the worlds largest titanium mines in China. This allows us to ensure quality of titanium grades and gives unrivalled access to the world leading titanium expertise which we produce to at the lowest market rates.

We are a leader in innovation and engineering excellence and our forged, cast and machined parts use the very latest advanced engineering techniques to deliver finished products to the highest quality, fastest production times and to the lowest market rates!

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