Factory AllAt the factory in Xi’an China, North Steel Co. produce titanium tube, sheet and bar mill products and also semi-finished and finished titanium products. North Steel Co. is one of the largest public & privately owned titanium tube factories in China and have built a national and global reputation as being able to deliver top quality Titanium products. Production capabilities at the factory allow a full range of titanium mill products, these include: titanium tube, titanium bar, titanium ingot, titanium powder and titanium sheet.

Find below an overview of the equipment and machinery of Shaanxi North Steel Co.

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North Steel Co. factory is divided into four main zones. The administrative building, stock rooms, warehouse and the production building

Office Building

Office Building Titanium
The administrative building is where the logistics, management and engineering teams are based. North Steel Co.understand the importance of the team being as close as possible to products to get a fuller appreciation and insight to what North Steel Co. do to work efficiently and effectively and continually look to improve.

Stock Rooms

titanium sheet stock
titanium tube billet stock
titanium bar stock
The factory stock rooms are where all existing stock is managed. For each order produced an overrun of customers specification is done to ensure that there are additional products available for quick fulfilment. A full range of semi-finished products is maintained. It is important to hold a large volume of stock so to respond to existing and new customers requirements for availability and fast delivery.

Production Workshop

electrode furnace
The warehouse is where logistics of incoming and outgoing orders are managed. A highly controlled and efficient warehouse means orders are fulfilled without error and products are delivered in required time frames.
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At present, North Steel Co. have more than 150 employees and staff members and have 6 sets of VAR furnaces, 2,000 tons of pressing machines, annealing furnaces, turning machines, planning machines, forging hammers and ultrasonic testing equipment at the factory.

Production Machinery

Shaanxi North Steel Factory Image
North Steel offers a wide variety of services with the objective of reducing costs and cycle time for customers. North Steel Co. have an inventory of state of the art machinery capable of producing titanium products in the widest range of sizes and dimensions. A selection of machinery is introduced below.

20T Oil Hydraulic Manipulator

North Steel titanium manipulator
North Steel Co. has a number of hydraulic manipulators used to move ingots and billets into position on the hydraulic presses. The increased control over larger weights gives us the ability to work larger ingots in shorter time frames leading to greater throughput.

Titanium Plasma Welding Chamber

Titanium Plasma Welding Chamber
The Titanium Plasma Welding Chamber is use to prepare the electrode and we currently have four sets which provides flexibility in preparing not only larger volumes of ingots but also wider range of titanium materials that we can produce. Managing the complete lifecycle from sponge to mill product gives complete control over the quality of product.

Titanium VAR Furnace

Titanium VARVAR control room
Prior to start up, the electrode to be melted is loaded into the furnace. For primary reactive metals like titanium, the electrode is fabricated from compacted sponge and/or scrap, or from a hearth melt process like Plasma or Electron Beam.
VAR is the continuous remelting of a consumable electrode by means of an arc under vacuum. DC power is applied to strike an arc between the electrode and the baseplate of a copper mold contained in a water jacket.
The intense heat generated by the electric arc melts the tip of the electrode and a new ingot is progressively formed in the water-cooled mold. A high vacuum is being maintained throughout the remelting process.

Titanium Tube Extrusion Machine

titanium tube extrusion machine

Titanium Tube Rolling Machine

  • Titanium tube rolling machine for seamless tubes
  • 19 sets of rolling machines for seamless tubes

Titanium Tube Annealing Furnace

Annealing Furnace
  • Working temperature 650 – 1000 degree
  • Uniform temperature less than +/-10 degree
  • Temperature control accuracy +/- 1 degree
  • Four temperature control zones
  • Effective heating zone 5000 * 1500 * 500 mm (L*W*H)

GYJ100H 7 Rollers Straightening Machine

Straightening Roller
  • Titanium Tube and bar tool diameter
  • Tube diameter 40-100mm
  • Bar diameter 30-60mm
  • Max yield less than 490N/mm2
  • Straightening speed 18m/min>

SMS AG 7 Rollers Straightening Machine

3340170 s
  • Diameter 60mm-170mm
  • Length 2000mm-5000mm
  • Straightening temperature 450-600

GFM SX416 Forging Machine

3340170 s
  • GFM SX416 forging machine in processing Titanium bar,Titanium alloy Bars.
  • Diameter 30-135mm, products have good surface,low loss,high efficiency.

Other Machinery

North Steel Co. have a number of additional machinery within the factory to support the production of bespoke titanium products. These include:

  • GFM Forging Machine
  • Seven roller straightening machine
  • Hacksaw machine
  • Industrial Electric Furnace

Titanium Tube Ultrasonic Testing

titanium tube ultrasonic testing

Titanium Tube Pneumatic Pressure Testing


Titanium Tube Hydraulic Testing

titanium tube hydraulic pressure-testing

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