Titanium Implants – How they are Made

Titanium is a commonly used metal for the development of surgical implants, given its distinctive properties, such as the excellent strength and reduced weight. Today, most of the titanium-based surgical implants are created with the help of 3D printing technologies,

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Titanium Mill Market in 2017

The global titanium mill products market has diversified in the past few years, due to the increased demand coming from various industries and consequent manufacturers. In 2017, we have seen a surge in the diversity offered, with bars, billets, plates

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Titanium bikes in 2017

Titanium has become one of the most commonly used materials for the development of bike frames, especially since the costs associated with production have reduced considerably in the past few years. So far, 2017 has amazed us with titanium bikes

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Titanium in the use on the Comac C919

Comac C919 is a modern commercial airliner, developed by Comac, an aerospace manufacturing company from China. The aviation program started in 2008, with the prototype being created in 2011. In 2017, the Comac C919 flew for the first time and

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Titanium applications in the chemical industry

Titanium began to be used for industrial applications ever since the 1950s, despite the fact that, at that moment, it was considered to be an expensive metal (in comparison to other common choices, such as aluminum or stainless steel). However,

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Gum metal Innovative Titanium Alloy

2017 has already proven to be an incredible year, with regard to innovations and engineering advances. One of the most interesting discoveries comes from the Max Planck Institute for Iron Research, with the multifunctional titanium alloy being the focal point

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Titanium Tube ISO 9001 Certification

Shaanxi North Steel Company Receives ISO Certification for Titanium Mill Products Made In China Shaanxi North Steel Company has been globally recognized as a producer of quality titanium tubing, fittings, fasteners and other mill products, by the CQC and IQNet.

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Copper Nickel Tube

Copper nickel tubes A copper nickel tube is made from an alloy of copper that contains a high percentage of nickel. Apart from copper and nickel, there are other elements added to the alloy, such as iron or manganese. These

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Heat Exchangers Titanium

What is a Heat Exchanger? Basically, a heat exchanger helps is the efficient transfer of heat from one medium to the next, while at the same time preventing any mix or direct contact between the two. Typically, a heat exchanger

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Titanium Tube Bike Frames

Titanium tube bike frames are made for high-end bicycles produced by top manufacturers in the industry. The reason for choosing titanium lies in this material’s strength and other unique properties, including its rather reduced weight (compared to other materials commonly

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