Worldwide Titanium

North Steel Co.┬áis a worldwide global manufacturing distributor of Titanium and other high performance metal with the ultimate goal of exceeding our customer’s expectations. The quality and service culture of North Steel is found in all facets of operations. We are proud of our highly qualified and knowledgeable personnel. Our products and services are available 24/7.

China, Xi’an

Sales, Marketing & Management

Weiye Building
Zhu Que Gate
Xian, China
Call: (86) 180 6654 2491
Fax: (86) 029 87231498
Sales Fax: (86) 029 87231498


China, Baoji

Factory and Service Centre

Yongqing Industrial Park
Maying Town
Baoji, China
Call: (86) 180 6654 2490
Fax: (86) 029 87231498
Service Fax: (86) 029 87231498


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ISO 9001:2008

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Why North Steel ?

North Steel Co. manufactures titanium products direct from titanium sponge and are located at the worlds largest titanium mines and engineering factories in China. This gives quality assurances over titanium grades and unrivalled access to leading expertise on titanium and production at the lowest market rates.

North Steel Co. is a leader in innovation and engineering excellence and the forged, cast and machined parts are produced using the very latest advanced engineering techniques to deliver finished products to the highest quality and fastest production times.